Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that, in anticipation for the Fresh Batch release on June 15th, we will be holding a charity auction for one blindbox. The added bonus of this charity auction is that the winner will get to choose their Dunny, essentially making the "bindbox" not so "blind". :)

Link to ebay Auction:

Here is the info: 

1) Winner if the auction gets to choose the artist that their Dunny is made by. The winner does NOT get to choose the specific Dunny. In other words, you can not select a variant. You may still receive the variant but that is decided randomly.

2) Auction is currently live at the link above. It ends on June 14th at 10am PDT. (24 hours before the Dunnys go on sale)

3) All proceeds, after ebay and paypal fees, will go directly to help animal victums of Hurricane Sandy:

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