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So I have been getting a lot of questions on the following:

1. How random will the blindbox selection be?
2. How many can we buy?
3. What sort of guarantee will we be offering on pulling doubles?

Allow me to walk through these questions:

 1. How random will the blindbox selection be?

This is the way it will be done: There are 13 different artists. When it comes time to pack these up and send them out, there will be 13 seperate piles, one for each artist, each numbered 1 through 13....

... now things start to get a little complicated, so if you failed calculus in high school maybe just skip this section and trust me... haha, I kid, I kid, :P ....

When you order, you will receive an order number that looks something like this: #1205 - A very simple 4 digit number. This is used to determine your pulls like this:

Last digit (In this case, the 5) - determines the pile from which your first blindbox is pulled from. If you only ordered 1 Dunny, everything stops here. 

Second to last digit (in this case the zero) - the second to last digit determines the DIRECTION the next blindbox is picked. In others words, the next blindbox picked in our example will either be from pile 4 or 6. If the second to last number is 1-5 then we go backyards and pick 4. If the second to last digit is 6-10 (Zero is 10), we go forward and pick 6. In our example, the person would be getting Dunnys from piles 5 and 6 if they bought two. If they bought 3 they would get pulled from piles 5, 6 and 7. etc.   (HOWEVER - this is not exactly true because we would actually leapfrog - see below for leapfrogging)

The SUM of the last two numbers (in this case, 5). - Geez, now it is really starting to get crazy right? The sum of the last two numbers determines whether or not we leapfrog or go in standard order. If the sum is an ODD number, we leapfrog, if it is EVEN, we do not. So, in our example the sum of the last two digits is 5, which is an ODD number.  So if the person bought 3 Dunnys, we would not pick from piles 5, 6 and 7, Instead we would leapfrog each pile and pick piles 5, 7 and 9.  If the sum had been even then they would have received 5, 6 and 7. 

Possible questions you might have right now:
Q: Does that mean piles 11, 12, and 13 are never the "first" dunnys picked? 
A: Yes and No. For early orders, you will not get piles 11, 12 and 13 unless you bought more than one and your pulling algorith says so. However, you may get these piles on orders of one when they are renumbered (see 3rd question below on renumbering)

Q: How do you determine what Artist's pile is given what number?
A: it is random. I may roll dice.

Q: What happens when you have picked all the boxes from a pile?
A: When a pile is gone, all piles are renumbered. They keep the same order but are just assigned new numbers. Additionally, late in this process when there are less than 10 piles left, the number is rounded.

2. How many can we buy?

I have thought about this a long time and have decided the purhase limit will be 8. Essentially, this is the same as saying there is NO purchase limit because I do not expect anyone to buy that many. However, I have imposed a limit of 8 just to make sure nobody goes insane and ruins it for others.  However, if you do decide to purchase in the higher end of this limit, I encourage you to make special note of Question 3 below.

3. What sort of guarantee will we be offering on pulling doubles?

This is the "guarantee" I can make: 

-Orders of 1-3 will not receive doubles.
-Orders of 4 and 5 will be given consideration and if I see that you have 2 pulls from the same pile I will place the double back and instead pull from the pile that has the most amount of blindboxes left. This is only IF I CAN, this is not a guarantee. 
-Orders of 6 or more are pulled randomly with no consideration for whether or not you are getting doubles.

Now here is the kicker: If you place one of the last 6 orders, and you bought more than 1, there is no guarantee for you. Why? Well, in the system described in question #1, the piles start to dwindle towards the end. By the last order, there may be 2 piles left but the person ordered 3 blindboxes. In this scenario my hands are tied. HOWEVER - if you place one of the last 6 orders, you will be notified and offered a refund (full or partial). This way, you can reconsider whether or not you want to take the risk. Any blindboxes left over as a result of a refund will go back on sale at a TBD date, 

Written by Andrew Johnston — June 06, 2013

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