ToyKick is giving away a FREE box of Apocalypse Dunnys to ONE lucky winner.

Question:   How do you Win??


Take a picture of your collection inside a KickCase (any design) and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is not a random drawing like our other contests, it is an actual competition! The best Photo Wins!!!

How do I enter my picture?

1. Take a sweet looking picture of your collection in a KickCase (any design)
2. Post a link to the picture here in the comment section of this blog.

Steps 3-5 are all optional but at least one is required. The more you do helps your chances.

3. Tweet the picture and use: @toykickstore and #ToyKick within the tweet so we definitely see it.

4. Post the picture to our facebook wall here:

5. Instagram the picture and use #ToyKick and @Toykick

6. Put that picture on Pinterest and Link it to!

What factors will be considered when judging my photo?

We will judge photos on all around awesomeness. To name a few things, we'll be looking at the way your case ties in with the room, the sweet looking contents within the case, wall placement and symmetry.  But probably the BIGGEST factor is that we want to see other people commenting on your picture and saying how awesome it is. Fan favorites will be noted :)

When will the Winner be announced?

Winner will be announced on 12/26/12 via a Google+ Hangout.  Link to the Hangout will be posted here the day of the announcement. The winner MUST BE WATCHING the drawing as we will announce a password that they must provide when redeeming their prize. If you miss the hangout, a recording will be posted here.
LAST DAY TO SUBMIT: 12/24/12 by Midnight EST

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or comment on this blog. Contest Starts now!!

Don't have a KickCase but still want to win something awesome?

No problem!

We're also running a "sister contest" where we are giving away a free KickCase on the same day we announce the winner of the Dunny Case. All you have to enter is Tweet, Pin and like us on Facebook. Each action below is another entry to increase your odds so do as many as you can!  Having a KickCase will also allow you to enter other contests like the above in the future!

1. Tweet this Blog Post by using this Tweet:  
(We are receiving some reports that the Tweet button is showing that it is going over the character count for some people. If this happens to you, feel free to edit the Tweet as you need. Only requirement is that the link to this blog works properly and also that you properly have "@toykickstore" in the Tweet)

2. Post a link to this Blog Post on your Facebook Wall and Like us:

3. Pin This Blog Post:  

The Fine Print: We must receive at least 25 entries for contest to take place and a winner declared.

Written by Andrew Johnston — November 27, 2012


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