Fresh Batch Info On Double Guarantee, Random Selection and Purchase Limits

Greetings from Westeros!

So I have been getting a lot of questions on the following:

1. How random will the blindbox selection be?
2. How many can we buy?
3. What sort of guarantee will we be offering on pulling doubles?

Allow me to walk through these questions:

 1. How random will the blindbox selection be?

This is the way it will be done: There are 13 different artists. When it comes time to pack these up and send them out, there will be 13 seperate piles, one for each artist, each numbered 1 through 13....

... now things start to get a little complicated, so if you failed calculus in high school maybe just skip this section and trust me... haha, I kid, I kid, :P ....

When you order, you will receive an order number that looks something like this: #1205 - A very simple 4 digit number. This is used to determine your pulls like this:

Last digit (In this case, the 5) - determines the pile from which your first blindbox is pulled from. If you only ordered 1 Dunny, everything stops here. 

Second to last digit (in this case the zero) - the second to last digit determines the DIRECTION the next blindbox is picked. In others words, the next blindbox picked in our example will either be from pile 4 or 6. If the second to last number is 1-5 then we go backyards and pick 4. If the second to last digit is 6-10 (Zero is 10), we go forward and pick 6. In our example, the person would be getting Dunnys from piles 5 and 6 if they bought two. If they bought 3 they would get pulled from piles 5, 6 and 7. etc.   (HOWEVER - this is not exactly true because we would actually leapfrog - see below for leapfrogging)

The SUM of the last two numbers (in this case, 5). - Geez, now it is really starting to get crazy right? The sum of the last two numbers determines whether or not we leapfrog or go in standard order. If the sum is an ODD number, we leapfrog, if it is EVEN, we do not. So, in our example the sum of the last two digits is 5, which is an ODD number.  So if the person bought 3 Dunnys, we would not pick from piles 5, 6 and 7, Instead we would leapfrog each pile and pick piles 5, 7 and 9.  If the sum had been even then they would have received 5, 6 and 7. 

Possible questions you might have right now:
Q: Does that mean piles 11, 12, and 13 are never the "first" dunnys picked? 
A: Yes and No. For early orders, you will not get piles 11, 12 and 13 unless you bought more than one and your pulling algorith says so. However, you may get these piles on orders of one when they are renumbered (see 3rd question below on renumbering)

Q: How do you determine what Artist's pile is given what number?
A: it is random. I may roll dice.

Q: What happens when you have picked all the boxes from a pile?
A: When a pile is gone, all piles are renumbered. They keep the same order but are just assigned new numbers. Additionally, late in this process when there are less than 10 piles left, the number is rounded.

2. How many can we buy?

I have thought about this a long time and have decided the purhase limit will be 8. Essentially, this is the same as saying there is NO purchase limit because I do not expect anyone to buy that many. However, I have imposed a limit of 8 just to make sure nobody goes insane and ruins it for others.  However, if you do decide to purchase in the higher end of this limit, I encourage you to make special note of Question 3 below.

3. What sort of guarantee will we be offering on pulling doubles?

This is the "guarantee" I can make: 

-Orders of 1-3 will not receive doubles.
-Orders of 4 and 5 will be given consideration and if I see that you have 2 pulls from the same pile I will place the double back and instead pull from the pile that has the most amount of blindboxes left. This is only IF I CAN, this is not a guarantee. 
-Orders of 6 or more are pulled randomly with no consideration for whether or not you are getting doubles.

Now here is the kicker: If you place one of the last 6 orders, and you bought more than 1, there is no guarantee for you. Why? Well, in the system described in question #1, the piles start to dwindle towards the end. By the last order, there may be 2 piles left but the person ordered 3 blindboxes. In this scenario my hands are tied. HOWEVER - if you place one of the last 6 orders, you will be notified and offered a refund (full or partial). This way, you can reconsider whether or not you want to take the risk. Any blindboxes left over as a result of a refund will go back on sale at a TBD date, 

Fresh Batch Charity Auction


 Hello everyone!

I am happy to announce that, in anticipation for the Fresh Batch release on June 15th, we will be holding a charity auction for one blindbox. The added bonus of this charity auction is that the winner will get to choose their Dunny, essentially making the "bindbox" not so "blind". :)

Link to ebay Auction:

Here is the info: 

1) Winner if the auction gets to choose the artist that their Dunny is made by. The winner does NOT get to choose the specific Dunny. In other words, you can not select a variant. You may still receive the variant but that is decided randomly.

2) Auction is currently live at the link above. It ends on June 14th at 10am PDT. (24 hours before the Dunnys go on sale)

3) All proceeds, after ebay and paypal fees, will go directly to help animal victums of Hurricane Sandy:

ToyKick's Fresh Batch - Custom Dunny Series - COMING SOON!

Smiley face
(Special Thanks to NikeJerk for the artwork above and for all branding artwork for this series.)

ToyKick’s Fresh Batch

Custom Dunny Series

ON SALE: JUNE 15th at Approximately 10am Pacific Time 

Price Per BlindBox: $97

When available, Dunnys will be on sale here:

MmMmMmMmMmMm, nothing like the smell of freshly baked Dunnys :P

ToyKick is proud to announce our very first custom dunny series: ToyKick’s Fresh Batch Series One. Featuring some of the most talented artists ever to put on a pair of oven mitts and customize a Dunny!

We’ll be posting more information as we draw closer to the release date, but for now, let me share with you what we have so far:


We won’t reveal all the artists right now, but we will reveal more names approximately every week. (Don’t hold me to that schedule though)

1. NikeJerk

2. Kevin Gosselin

3. Sekure D

4. Roar With Lukas

5. Don P

6. Gomi

7.  TaskOne

8. JCRivera

9. Avatar666

10. Nerviswr3ck

11. JFury

12. DrilOne

13. Grimsheep


As we draw closer, we’ll reveal more dunnys. Here is what we have revealed so far:

Kevin Gosselin

Smiley face

Sekure D

Smiley face

Roar With Lukas

  Smiley face 



 Smiley face


Smiley face








Don P
Smiley face Smiley face Smiley face  





Ticket Items

There will be 3 Ticket items inserted randomly into blind boxes. Keeping with the theme of the series, they’ll be in the form of fake cookies. Don’t Eat Them They’re Clay! :P

Smiley face

GingerBread Ticket - James Fuller

Smiley face Smiley face

Vanilla Frosted Ticket - Bowo Baghaskara

Smiley face


Chocolate Chip Ticket - TBA

Dunny Cookie Cutters

If you ever customized a Dunny and thought to yourself, “Damn, I’d really like to eat that Dunny right now,” here is your chance! As an added bonus, every order is guaranteed one Dunny Cookie Cutter. Yes! For the first time ever, you can own a cookie cutter in the shape of a Dunny! If there are cookie cutters left over after everything sells out, the largest orders will receive more than one cookie cutter.

  Smiley face   Smiley face


We don’t have labels made just yet but I wanted the packaging to be something that can be easily repurposed. Instead of boxes we’ll be using tins!

That is all for now! Thanks for looking! We’ll have more information soon!

When the time comes, you’ll be able to buy them here:




ToyKick is giving away a FREE box of Apocalypse Dunnys to ONE lucky winner.

Question:   How do you Win??


Take a picture of your collection inside a KickCase (any design) and post it to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. This is not a random drawing like our other contests, it is an actual competition! The best Photo Wins!!!

How do I enter my picture?

1. Take a sweet looking picture of your collection in a KickCase (any design)
2. Post a link to the picture here in the comment section of this blog.

Steps 3-5 are all optional but at least one is required. The more you do helps your chances.

3. Tweet the picture and use: @toykickstore and #ToyKick within the tweet so we definitely see it.

4. Post the picture to our facebook wall here:

5. Instagram the picture and use #ToyKick and @Toykick

6. Put that picture on Pinterest and Link it to!

What factors will be considered when judging my photo?

We will judge photos on all around awesomeness. To name a few things, we'll be looking at the way your case ties in with the room, the sweet looking contents within the case, wall placement and symmetry.  But probably the BIGGEST factor is that we want to see other people commenting on your picture and saying how awesome it is. Fan favorites will be noted :)

When will the Winner be announced?

Winner will be announced on 12/26/12 via a Google+ Hangout.  Link to the Hangout will be posted here the day of the announcement. The winner MUST BE WATCHING the drawing as we will announce a password that they must provide when redeeming their prize. If you miss the hangout, a recording will be posted here.
LAST DAY TO SUBMIT: 12/24/12 by Midnight EST

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or comment on this blog. Contest Starts now!!

Don't have a KickCase but still want to win something awesome?

No problem!

We're also running a "sister contest" where we are giving away a free KickCase on the same day we announce the winner of the Dunny Case. All you have to enter is Tweet, Pin and like us on Facebook. Each action below is another entry to increase your odds so do as many as you can!  Having a KickCase will also allow you to enter other contests like the above in the future!

1. Tweet this Blog Post by using this Tweet:  
(We are receiving some reports that the Tweet button is showing that it is going over the character count for some people. If this happens to you, feel free to edit the Tweet as you need. Only requirement is that the link to this blog works properly and also that you properly have "@toykickstore" in the Tweet)

2. Post a link to this Blog Post on your Facebook Wall and Like us:

3. Pin This Blog Post:  

The Fine Print: We must receive at least 25 entries for contest to take place and a winner declared.

Written by Andrew Johnston — November 27, 2012

Win A Free Huck Gee Skullslinger KidRobot SDCC Exclusive With KickCase!

Win A Free Huck Gee Skullslinger 

KidRobot SDCC Exclusive 

With KickCase!

Signed by Huck Gee Himself!

ToyKick is giving away a free Huck Gee Skullslinger from SDCC with a KickCase(Splitter) included!  Only 300 of these were made and we were lucky enough to have one donated to help promote ToyKick!

We will be picking the winner out of a hat. There are many ways you can enter and you can enter multiple times.  The more times your name is in the hat the better chance you have of winning!


1. (1 Entry) Follow us on Twitter:

2. (1 Entry) Tweet this blog post!

3. (1 Entry) Like us on Facebook here:

4. (5 Entries) Create a YouTube video telling us how much you want this Skullslinger and why you think you should win. 

+1 Entry if you own one of our display cases and show your collection in our cases! You can earn 6 entries from this!

* You must post a link to this blog post or to in the video description.

 * Please try to keep videos under a minute. They don't have to be. But try :)

5. (1 Entry) Follow and add ToyKick to a circle on Google+ here:

6. (1 Entry) Follow and RePin ToyKick on Pinterest here:

7. (1 Entry) Just fill out the required form below!





WE WILL NOT BE CONTACTING THE WINNER. We will announce the winner live through a streaming Google+ Hangout.  THE WINNER MUST CONTACT US!  So make sure you're watching the STREAM! 

(we provide the link to the livestream through Twitter moments before it starts.)

LIVE DRAWING will take place on August 7th at 6:00 PM PST through a Google+ Hangout.  We'll be selecting 9 Hangout Participants who will also be eligible for additional prizes.  To be considered for hangout participation, email Drew at Please note that you must participant in a Pre-Hangout interview before being selected to participate.

Written by Andrew Johnston — July 25, 2012

Win a Case of 2012 Dunnys!


That's right.  At the end of June we'll be giving away a brand new, never opened, still shrink wrapped, case of KidRobot's 2012 line of Dunnys to one lucky winner!

ToyKick 2012 Dunny Case Contest 

We'll be determining the winner the old-fashioned way - PICKING OUT OF A HAT.  There are many ways to enter and you can enter multiple times to increase your chances. The more times your name is in the hat, the more chances you have!

We'll be drawing the winner LIVE through a Google Hangout or other live-streaming service yet to be determined. Drawing will take place Thursday June 28th at 6pm PST.


Below are 6 different ways you can enter.  You do not need to do each one, you can do as many as you like.

1. Tweet this blog post with the #ToyKick hashtag AND mention @ToyKickStore - This will earn you one entry. It is very important you mention @ToyKickStore otherwise your tweet will not be recorded by contest organizer.  View Blog Post here:


2. Like ToyKick on Facebook at - This will earn you one entry.

3. Purchase a KickCase (Any design) between now and 4pm PST June 28th at - You will receive two entries for each KickCase purchased. KickCase must be purchased through and not through eBay or other 3rd party site.

4. Repin our Pinterest Pin here: - This will earn you one entry. It is very important you REPIN our pin rather than create your own Pin.  Otherwise we won't know you pinned us!

5. Refer a Friend - If a customer makes a purchase and mentions you in the "order notes" section at checkout, you and your friend will each receive one entry per KickCase purchased.

6. Follow and +1 us on Google Plus here: - Following us will also be required to take part and view the Google+ Hangout where winner will be announced.

*Contest is currently open to the United States only. If you enter contest and are international, please note that you will either have to pay the international shipping cost for your prize or forfeit prize to the runner up.



It has been confirmed that the Live drawing will take place through a Google+ hangout on June 28th at 6pm PST.  It will be broadcasted for all to view but we are looking to select 9 people to participate in the Google+ hangout.  The 9 people participating in the Google+ hangout will also participate in a 2nd drawing where you can win a free 2012 Dunny Blindbox and still be eligible for the grand prize Dunny case.

How do you enter to be one of the participants in the Google+ hangout?

1. Post a comment on our Facebook page saying you want to enter! This is officially your entry. We will contact you through Facebook on June 22nd if you have won. HERE:

2. Follow and add ToyKick to one of your circles on Google+. This is required to participate in one of our hangouts. HERE:

The 9 participants and 3 alternates will be selected and contacted on June 22nd through Facebook.

Written by Andrew Johnston — June 12, 2012

Splitters are here!

Hey everyone! We've added a new product to our inventory!  Now you can display your larger art toys with out Splitters!

Splitters are a great way to display 8'' Dunnys, Munnys, Mini-Munnys, Large fatcaps, or any Art Toys larger than 3''.  Also, we can insert the optional shelf if you decide you want to use it for your smaller toys!  Its the best value yet!

Dunny Display Case

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